Welcome to Green Hearts!

Bringing Children
 and nature back together

Green Hearts is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to restoring and strengthening the bonds between children and nature.

We believe that frequent, unstructured childhood play in natural settings is a crucial stage in the development of  life-long conservation values -- and thus helps lead to adult conservation behaviors.

This kind of "nature play" is now an endangered part of American childhood.  Green Hearts' mission is to help bring it back.

American children spend
27% of their time with electronic media. 

How much time do they spend outdoors?

Check out our 
Nature Play Factoids

for the answer!


Spread the Word!

Green Hearts has two great bumper stickers!  Put 'em on your car, or wherever! 
Each is 3 by 6 inches.

Send $2.00 plus a SASE for each sticker to:
Green Hearts
4502 South 42nd St.
Omaha, NE  68107

Be sure to tell us which one(s) you want!

Our booklet,

A Parents' Guide
to Nature Play

is on our website.


Green Hearts!

Did you dig holes to China,
catch fireflies, and climb
trees when you were young?  Do you want today's kids to have
similar memories?

Restoring nature play is
 Green Hearts' work,
and we need your help!
Can you support us with
a gift of $100, $50,
or just $25?

Tax-deductible donations
can be made with the link below.
  Thank you!

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